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Spain , Thursday 22 February 2018

News Spain » Comunidad Valenciana: 35,000 almond trees in northern Alicante must be destroyed

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Publication date: Wednesday 21 February 2018

Almond growers in south-eastern Spain are currently living in constant fear of the ... a few years ago and has since spread first to the Balearics and now to the Comunidad Valenciana, and in the north of the province of Alicante their worst fears are ...

News Spain » Comunidad Valenciana: European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (application EGF/2013/004 ES/Comunidad Valenciana – Building materials – Spain)

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Publication date: onday 18 November 2013

– having regard to the Commission proposal to the European Parliament and the Council (COM(2013)0635 – C7‑0269/2013), – having regard to the Interinstitutional Agreement of 17 May 2006 between the European Parliament, the Council and the ...

News Spain » Comunidad Valenciana: Comunidad Valenciana DS resigns

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Publication date: Sunday 19 April 2009

José Ignacio Labarta, assistant sports director of Comunidad Valenciana and one of five arrested by the Spanish civil guard in relation to the current doping investigation in Spain, voluntarily resigned from his post as of yesterday. Labarta, however ...