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Spain , Thursday 22 February 2018

News Spain » Education: Schools to start offering a 'virtual' Spanish A-level WITHOUT a teacher present in the classroom

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Publication date: Friday 09 February 2018

The Spanish qualification will do away with the need for teachers ... Advocates say it is a cheap way to deal with teachers shortages, but unions warn that the standard of online education is still poor compared with traditional classes.

News Spain » Education: Scholarship meets community at College’s first heritage Spanish class

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Publication date: Wednesday 14 February 2018

Spanish For Heritage Speakers class provides tailored education for students from Spanish-speaking households. LEONOR GRAVE / THE FLAT HAT Language is about a lot more than syntax. Especially for children who grew up in Spanish-speaking households in the ...

News Spain » Education: Education in PH during the Spanish colonial era

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Publication date: Friday 06 July 2012

I was delighted to participate in the 10th-anniversary celebration of Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day in Baler on June 30, two days before the arrival of Queen Sofia of Spain for a 5-day visit of development projects in the Philippines. Our bilateral ...

News Spain » Education: The Reinvention of Bilingual Education in America’s Schools

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Publication date: onday 05 January 2015

Courtesy of New Mexico Association for Bilingual Education and National Spanish Spelling Bee One afternoon last fall, I watched as a group of young Hispanic students trained to become the best Spanish-language spellers in America. Their thick practice ...

News Spain » Education: Thousands protest over Spain education cuts

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Publication date: hursday 09 May 2013

Thousands of teachers and students have taken to streets across Spain to protest spending cuts they say are destroying the country's public education system. In Madrid, the protesters - many of them wearing green T-shirts that have become a symbol of their ...

News Spain » Education: Expat guide to Spain: schools

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Publication date: onday 29 March 2010

Teaching is in English but all children also receive lessons in the language and culture of Spain and Valencia. The school caters mainly for the children of Spaniards wanting a British education, with around 150 pupils from British families. Curriculum The ...

News Spain » Education: Spain education plan stokes tensions with restive Catalonia

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Publication date: hursday 13 December 2012

BARCELONA, Spain (Reuters) - Spain’s leader vowed on Friday to press on with an education reform that has fueled separatist sentiment in Catalonia, where politicians were closing on a pact that could lead to a vote on independence. Catalan officials say ...

News Spain » Education: In Spain, education and austerity at odds

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Publication date: hursday 13 October 2011

MADRID -- With the Spanish elections approaching, teachers here have been on strike four times in the first five weeks of school. The teachers are protesting sweeping budget cuts as part of the newest Spanish austerity plan, which focuses on the regional ...

News Spain » Education: Spain's Education Bill Attracts New Protests

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Publication date: Sunday 18 December 1983

SEVILLE, Spain, Dec. 18— About 100,000 Spaniards marched in this southern city today in the third consecutive day of protests by teachers, parents and students against an education bill opposed by the Roman Catholic church, the police said. The church ...

News Spain » Education: Why this bilingual education ban should have repealed long ago

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Publication date: onday 03 March 2014

A slumping economy needed a boost. A remarkably multilingual population -- including millions of Spanish speakers -- was already in place. Bilingual education programs -- pioneered and developed in Miami over the prior three decades -- were already being ...